Memoirs of a Warrior: On Failure

Taken from Pat Precourt, Aspiring MMA fighter and Real Estate Guru

The warrior enters every battle with the intention of winning, however, he will never win every battle. He will not enter the battle unprepared; however, sometimes he will lose no matter how well prepared he is. A temporary loss of self worth, confidence and determination are NORMAL emotions. The warrior knows not to focus on these emotions as they are only temporary but will rise to rule him if he allows it.

He reads the important lessons left to him from his predecessor:

  1. You can't win every battle. Learn from your defeats.
  2. The more worthy the cause, the more worthy the resistance. Easy victories come with little reward.
  3. The greater your accomplishments, the greater the resistance. As you grow, so will your challenges.
  4. The more worthy your efforts, the more your peers with oppose you. They are most threatened. If they see no threat, you are striving towards insignificance.
  5. If defeat in any battle is imminent, don’t deny it. Face it and take immediate action to minimize loss. Get re-focused on the cause.

And so the warrior writes a lesson of his own:

I am in it for the long haul and for as long as I breathe , all is not a loss.

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