TEEN & Adult jiu jitsu

Our goal is to take the inexperienced to a point where they feel confident and ready to defend themselves in a variety of threatening situations. Our schedule includes:

Jiu Jitsu 101

Fundamental drilling and positional sparring. A time to fine-tune the techniques learned.

Jiu Jitsu 102

Fundamental instruction and positional sparring. Mastering the jiu jitsu fundamentals & self-defense.

Jiu Jitsu 201

Mixed technique for those looking for a little more of a challenge. Includes advanced technique and sport-related jiu jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu 202 - No Gi

Mixed technique but without the uniform! Opened to anyone who has 3 stripes on white belt.

Jiu Jitsu 203

Intense, competition driven drilling and sparring.