BJJ Fundamentals

There are many techniques to learn and different situations that can occur in a real life street fight. During our self-defense classes we cover the most essential techniques to help get through the most common scenarios.

Our goal is to take the inexperienced to a point where they feel confident and ready to defend themselves. 

Some of the techniques you'll learn will help:

  • Defend against someone is sitting on top of you.

  • Control and defend against wild punches and haymakers

  • Escape against headlocks

  • Manage and defend against larger opponents

Bjj mixed /advanced

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program focuses exclusively on learning the technical aspects of the art. You will learn the major and most effective techniques that will enable you to transition from the standing position to the ground.

This program includes unique approach, details game plans, understanding the links between positions, combinations, and transitions between techniques all while improving your reflexes and skills. You will discover strengths and weaknesses as you improve your technical approach and begin to create your own individualized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game.